Everything is based on mind, is led by mind, is fashioned by mind. If we speak and act with a polluted mind,suffering will folloe us, as the wheels of the bullock cart follow the footsteps of the bull.Everything is based on mind, is led by mind, is fashioned by mind. If we speak and act with a pure mind, happiness will follow us, as a shadow clings to a form.

At MAITRA we believe, psychology is the Art, Commerce and Science of Human Mind giving us a completely different idea of the things we all know best. Today our lives are completely occupied with Pressures, Deadlines, Stresses &Strains, Competition Fears, and Sense of lack of time leading to more comlex personal & relational issues that if kept unaddressed might lead to devastating outburst. Bringing together the shattered pieces then become the impossible task of life. Just keeping our eyes &ears open will helps us hear a little whisper of carcks in relationships & families. Do not ignore it. Help is just a call away.

MAITRA is a distinguished Child & Family Counselling centre helping you understand the psychological issues behind theso called little problems you may choose to ignore at times concerning your child or you & your life partner or elderly people at home. MAITRA's Therapies & Counselling has helped hundreds of families reclaim the happy & fulfilling life that we all deserve. Well "Stitch in Time saves Nine." Isn't It?

     About Mrs. Kalyani Bhabad, M. A. (Psychology)

Director B.H.Sc.(Child Psychology), P.G.In Child & Family Counselling, Dip.In Remedial,Teaching , Dip.In Flower Medicines.
Experience of 10+ years in psychology Concultancy, Counseling & Therapy. Currently also working as a Consultant Counselor for Singhagad Institute, Pune.


Teachers Training Programs @ Sinhagad Institute,
Workshop on How to become an ideal teacher? @ B.Ed. & D.Ed. Inst, Pune
Parenting Workshop @ Nashik
Self Motivation Seminar @ Stress Adhar Kendra, Pune
Counseled 500+ Students in 'Apayashatun Yashakade' initiative for Unsuccessful SSC/HSC students by Sakaal Group.
25+ Seminars on 'Love & Affection' fornTeenagers
Conducted 20+ Personality Development Programs.
Remedial teaching sessions for Learning Disabled Children
Special Sessions for Special children, Summer Camps for Children
Contributed to populer daily Sakal's columns

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