Child & Adolescent Psychology

Child Psychology focuses on children right from infancy through adolescence. A wide variety of matters within psychology are encompassed in children psychology including abnormal psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, and so forth. A huge scope of issues is addressed in child psychology. We study how children learn, how various behaviours develop,the impact of environment on developing children, and many other topics. Children make difficult and sometimes controversial study subjects, because they cannot grant consent in the same way adults do, and studies in child psychology must be carefully cinstructed as a result.Children and adolscent have specific problems which are not issues for adult clients. Puberty, for example, is an extremely tough time for adilescents. Body changes occur, sexual desire sets in, and the need for independance becomes strong. Peer influence rise with adolescence and so does the need to fit in with peers. Along with this, weight becomes an issue, drugs and alcohol are more likely to be experimented with, and the possibility of teen pregnancy arises. Furthermore, getting along with parents is something that affects both children and adolscents;however, it is more difficult during adolescence. In lieu of all the issues facing children and adolescents, it is understandable how some develop serious psychological problems. Depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, along with other affects children and adolescence as well as adults. However, this young people require specialised therapy and treatment in order to become healthy adults.

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Parenting is to raise a child and also educate him or her in the best possible manner. athe aim of parenting is thus to create socially responsibl, productive individuals who make not only his or her parents proud but also the society proud as well with his/ her endeavors. through parenting a child receives education, which is totally different from the education that a child receives at school. A parent tries to develop various social qualities in the child whereas a school educates the child scientifically and in a routine manner focusing generally on his or her intrllectual development. Through parenting, a person also fulfills his or her parental duties. The basic parental duty that a person has to fulfill is to provide the child or children with social development and security. It is the duty of the parents to see that their child or children are emotionally, intellectually and physically secure in the society. At the same time it is the duty of the parents to make an individual fit to face the world when left on his own. It is the child's mother or sometimes father who undertakes the work of parenting. In some cases, this care is also provided by some relatives.
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Marriage & Family Psychology:

Family problems represents a unique, but common, category of adjustment difficulty that causes people to seek psychology treatment Problems can develop in a couple relationships. because of a medical or psychological problem in either person, or in one of their children.Parent-child problems can also create disress within a family. poor communication and discipline problems are very common. Sometimes there are constant battles between sibling, and the parents cannot seem to resolve the conflicts. Divorce, and the creation of stepfamilies, can create difficulties in a family, sometimes for all members of the family.
Sometimes the couple relationships itself is the problem, with poor communication, constant, lack of closeness, sexual problems , or in-law problems all to be considered possible concerns. These problems can lead to the development of adjustment problems in one or more members of the family. But, because the family relationships are a part of the problem, it is necessary to change the structure of the family relationships.

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Old Age Disorders:

Know one knows when old age begins. The "biological age" of a personis not indentical with his "chronological age". Nobody grows old marely by living a cartain number of years.years may wrinkle the soul. With the passage of time, certain changes take place in anorganism making them quit susceptible to various Physical & Mental diseases.
The rapid urbanization and sicietal modernization has brought in a breakdown in family values and the framework of family support, economic insecurity, social isolation, and elderly abuse leading to a host of psychological illnesses. Special attention & care of our elderly is inevitable when they need it the most. We add life to their years...

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